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scrapbook 09 - my livejournal


1. her face was just a smear on the pane by milou_veronica
2008 - march 14th

2. lovesick by estiloamor
march 14th - present

3. twilight by palebird
may 15th - june

user infos.
1. merlin - 2008 to 2009 (no screenshot)

2. supernatural - february 2009 to june

3. kirk and spock/quinto and pine - june 2009 to june 8th

journal titles.
1. 2008-february 16th || life is all about taking chances. without that, nobody advances
2. february 16th-april 1st || i don't know how my heart is still beating after all the beating it's had to endure
3. april 1st-present || but i also have to say that life isn't fair. it's just fairer than death, that's all

default icons.
1. 2008 - february 2009 || gg; blair smile by corsettes

2. february 2009 - present || spn; dean worried by all_at_once

3. march 14th - july 4th || skins; cassie hair in face by a_love_so_deep

4. july 4th - present || tv • gg • i've underestimated my charm once again by curly_the_sue

mood themes.

1. gossip girl by lovebit

2. winchester brothers by toxxxicgurl 

3. blair waldorf by heka_granger

memorable picspams.
1. britt's best of 2008
2. gossip girl
3. dean winchester fave character part 2
4. dean winchester est 1979
5. after school special

memorable entries.
1. my quotes archive
2. guys i would do in a heartbeat
3. hot man party post
4. association meme
5. _friends promo
6. all about mr. z
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