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i'll stop the world and melt with you

title: she taught him how to dance and start again
summary: just a few songs that i like
format: mp3
notes: these are the only songs i have in my computer right now, so i felt like making a mix and sharing it with you all

image by boundary

01 kings of leon - "closer"
snow is crackling cold // she took my heart, i think she took my soul

02 kings of leon - "use somebody"
i've been roaming around always looking down at all i see // painted faces fill the places i can't reach // you know that i could use somebody

03 the motorhomes - "into the night"
when you're alone // carry on // pull out the nails from your bones // keep on keeping on

04 kings of leon - "milk"
tell me the one about the friend you knew // and the last goodnight that we toasted to

05 kings of leon - "cold desert"
i'm on the corner // waiting for a light to come on // that's when i know that you're alone

06 the ting tings - "be the one"
you say it's not what you do // it's what you're thinking of // well i think that it's just an excuse // it's what you put across

07 anna nalick - "breathe (2 AM)"
2 am and she calls me cause i'm still awake // "can you help me unravel my latest mistake // i don't love him, winter just wasn't my season"

08 band of horses - "the funeral"
i'm coming up only to hold you under // i'm coming up only to prove you wrong

09 aqualung - "brighter than sunshine"
i never understood before // i never knew what love was for // my heart was broke // my head was sore

10 the bravery - "the ocean"
there's one that i stayed with you across the sea // i wonder do you still think of me

11 the last goodnight - "pictures of you"
this is the clock upon the wall // this is the story of us all // this is the first sound of a newborn child before he starts to crawl

please comment if you are taking any. thanks!
Tags: art: mix, music

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